269 - Battle of Lake Benacus

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Following Emperor Gallienus' assassination the previous year, Claudius II becomes the Emperor of Rome and defeats the Alemanni in the Battle of Lake Benacus (modern day Lake Garda).

Pre-Alemmanic Roman FrontierClaudius fails to restore the original frontier which at its high water mark  - the 'Upper Raetian Limes' -  extended between c.50km and c.100km east of the Rhine, and up to 60km north of the Danube, until becoming the Danube c.30km west of modern day Augsburg.

Post Alemannic Roman FrontierThe new frontier is pulled back to the Donau-Iller-Rhine-Limes, and follows the Rhine as far west as Lake Constance, then the river Iller north until it joins the Danube at the modern day city of Ulm, and then along the Danube river, thus leaving a large Alemannic enclave (shaded) wedged into the Roman Empire's northern border.

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Alamanicus is wandering his old Alemanni haunts, revisiting the places where once he used to drink, carouse, and beat up the odd Roman legionnaire or two. Things have moved on since his day, and the old Alemanni country now lies across south west Germany, French Alsace, and northern Switzerland. Cut through by the mighty Rhine, it is an area of great beauty, and a lot has happened there since Alamanicus last walked this land.


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