213 - First Mention of the Alemanni

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The Alemanni are first mentioned by the Roman historian Cassius Dio, writing about the emperor Caracalla's campaign against them in 213A.D. The Alemanni had actually requested the assistance of Caracalla, who turned out to be a treacherous ally, colonising their lands and killing their warriors instead. To mark his victory over the Alemanni, Caracalla awarded himself the name Alemannicus, the git. At this time the Alemanni were living in their original homeland near the river Main in Germany.

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Alamanicus is wandering his old Alemanni haunts, revisiting the places where once he used to drink, carouse, and beat up the odd Roman legionnaire or two. Things have moved on since his day, and the old Alemanni country now lies across south west Germany, French Alsace, and northern Switzerland. Cut through by the mighty Rhine, it is an area of great beauty, and a lot has happened there since Alamanicus last walked this land.


  • Guest
    Lederstrumpf Monday, 16 December 2013

    Die Alamannen: Archaeologie eines lebendigen Volkes

    You have a wonderful website and your pictures are stunning. It brings back many memories.
    There is a good book about the Alemanni that might still be available. It's called: Die Alamannen; Archaeologie eines lebendigen Volkes, By Rainer Christlein. ISBN 3-8062-0890-5
    The publisher is: Konrad Theiss Verlag GmbH & Co., Villastrasse11, Postfach 10 42 52, 7000 Stuttgart 10
    Lederstrumpf found it in Landau back in the 1990s.
    It is very detailed about the location of Alemanni settlements and how the tribe lived. It's about 200 pages with lots of pictures and maps.

  • alamanicus
    alamanicus Monday, 16 December 2013

    RE:Die Alamannen: Archaeologie eines lebendigen Volkes

    Wow! Thanks and thanks. The book sounds great, and it will help with my poor grasp of German as well. Despite their legacy, it has been quite hard to piece together a purely Alemannic history so far. I've had to switch between English and German sources on the internet, and sometimes they don't quite match up.

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